Maxwell Developments has extensive experience and proven excellence in renewable project development, execution and stewardship.

How We Work

Our Approach

Maxwell Developments originates, finances, develops, constructs and operates energy assets for the modern world. Adapting to changing grid conditions by leveraging strategically built assets and developed through strict adherence to process allows, for Maxwell to be one of the fastest growing energy firms in North America.

Our Expertise

Executive leadership has experience in all aspects of the development process, with specialties in finance, construction, and operation. This, in turn, creates quality projects for its investment partners. Utilizing in-house development capital, engineering, and quality control, we strive to place projects into operation that will exceed our client’s quality standards beyond the life of the project.

Our Direction

We have deep knowledge of where projects best fit through our understanding of both system operators and local utilities. Applying that breadth of knowledge allows us to track where we can successfully deploy assets to satisfy and support our clients, be it a utility decommissioning a coal plant, an industry looking for energy security, or a community looking to purchase green energy as an alternative.