Accelerating the shift to new energy together


A Trusted Partner. No project can be achieved without a partnership with a land owner. Once we have a strategically vetted area for a project, we strive to ensure that our land partners, either through lease or through purchase, are compensated at market leading rates with a focus on preservation of property to ensure the land can be enjoyed once the project is no longer there.


Process Driven. Results Oriented. Many of the projects we access come to us from energy developers who are missing one or more of the items needed to bring a project to life. Our expertise and vertical integration allows us to partner with developers either jointly through a combined effort, or as a service to help them over their smaller hurdles.


Risk mitigation for the capital stack. Through our experience in execution of projects, we understand the steps needed to successfully finance a project. Our own investment committee meets often and mimics institutional committee processes to thoroughly qualify projects before they are brought to our investment partners.