Leveraging the best energy technologies and getting them to market

We choose our technology for projects based on the local requirements and project feasibility. Stand alone and microgrid configurations allow us to mix and match elements and ensure that bankable revenue can be achieved for the life of the project. We select our vendors carefully to ensure that a quality and financial standard can be met before we specify any equipment. In addition, we insure our projects with reputable underwriters to protect the asset for both revenue and catastrophe.


With control on more than 1GW of projects currently in various stages of development and construction, our proficiency runs deep in solar. Utility, microgrid, C&I and community solar systems are all within our breadth of expertise.


Wind power continues to be driven throughout the energy industry due to is high reliability and excellent cost performance. We are at the forefront of this technology actively deploying assets throughout the Southwest United States.

Energy Storage

Knowledge of application in an energy storage project, whether standalone, coupled with solar, or fully isolated microgrid, is the key to success. We have spent the last decade studying and applying the complexities involved and then putting them to the test in real life applications.


On site co-generation facilities are an excellent way for commercial and industrial customers to achieve energy security. When coupled with other technologies in a microgrid configuration, our customers can achieve energy independence and lower their operating costs.