Distinction through Strategy

We operate in many different ways, since we have many different clients, each with their own requirements, depending on the specific project details. From project acquisition and resale, through greenfield origination, to projects where we build, own, and operate our own assets, we pride ourselves on the ability to identify what a project needs and fix those inefficiencies quickly. Once we have a path to operation, we then finance the project through to our exit, either at sale or end of project life.


As an independent power producer, we continually strive to commission projects into our build, own, and operate group. We feel that if we own the system, in partnership with our experienced investment community including tax and debt partners, we can extract the most value from the project in the long run.


Origination of greenfield projects has been at the heart of our business model since inception. Through our vertical integration, we can manage the entire process efficiently, and systematically apply our low cost of development to the process, resulting in the lowest cost of energy in the market.


A large part of our operations is in project acquisition and resale. Being able to quickly identify any issues in a project, we can itemize what’s needed to complete the development, finance the project, and bring it to construction, regardless of whether we maintain the equity internally through our IPP, or sell to our partner network.